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By Peter Oberth

Wolverine defies all, McConaughey's a ghost and Terra is invisible

Wolverine defied bad press and an early leak to completely rip apart not only the competition of the week but every other movie so far this year, opening the summer frame with great promise while a slew of other potential blockbusters linger close behind.

Hugh Jackman stars in an X-Men movie every 3 years since 2000, so how did this fourth outing fare?  Pretty well.  Wolverine opened higher than X-Men ($54 million) and X2:X-Men United ($85 million) but fell far short of the third, X-Men: The Last Stand ($102 million).  With some strong competition coming starting this Friday with Star Trek so it will likely only beat the first X-Men's total take ($157 million) but won't come near X2 ($214 million) or The Last Stand ($234 million).  It seems that the early leak only fueled the fire that is Wolverine, though the studio will likely claim that it would have opened higher than The Last Stand were it not for the theft.  It was, however the highest opening for Ryan Reynolds and Liev Schreiber.  Breathe easy Fox, this one will make back it's $150 million budget before heading to DVD.

This one was on the lower end of average for romantic comedies but it was a bit predictable nonetheless.  Ghosts opened lower than similarly themed Just Like Heaven ($17 million) but higher than last years Ghost Town ($5 million).  Although Matthew McConaughey usually opens higher with romantic comedies, ala Fool's Gold ($21 million), Failure to Launch ($24 million) and How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days ($23 million), Ghosts did a decent job of starting to erase last year's Surfer, Dude ($52,132 TOTAL gross) from our minds.

BATTLE FOR TERRA ($1,064,000)
What is this, you may ask?  How could it open wide this weekend and not be on the top 10 below?  The answer to both of those questions seem to be related.  With minimal marketing, it's no surprise the awareness of this 3D CGI sci fi movie was dangerously low, opening at number 12 with a weak $916 per theater (compared to Wolverine's $22k+).

The full weekend box office ticked in as follows:


TW LW Title (click to read review) Weekend Gross Total Gross
1 N X-Men Origins: Wolverine $87,000,000 $87,000,000
2 N Ghosts of Girlfriends Past $15,325,000 $15,325,000
3 1 Obsessed $12,200,000 $42,002,000
4 2 17 Again $6,355,000 $48,497,000
5 6 Monsters Vs. Aliens $5,800,000 $182,405,000
6 4 The Soloist $5,600,000 $18,108,000
7 5 earth $4,184,000 $21,848,000
8 3 Fighting $4,173,000 $17,507,000
9 8 Hannah Montana: The Movie $4,075,000 $70,857,000
10 7 State of Play $3,655,000 $30,883,000


 Source: Box Office Mojo