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By Peter Oberth

Original "Clash of the Titans" bundled with New Preview on iTunes

So this is a digital-only release, of sorts.  The movie actually came out on Blu-Ray for the first time recently so the iTunes version is only different for one reason; the preview of the upcoming remake starring Sam Worthington.

The classic movie is a "classic" for reasons not normally fitting of a movie this popular.  The effects are less than horrible, the acting the same and the movie as a whole is bordering on terrible.  I say "bordering" because it has just enough....something to it that makes it a fantastic movie to watch, even if it is bad.  And, there is enough great mythology there that gives a lot of promise for a modern remake using today's vastly improved technology.

Having this digitally is far better than having the blu-ray.  I've seen the blu-ray and it doesn't transfer well (it's not Warner Bros. fault, there was nothing short of sinking $10 million into a mass digital remastering that could have done any better, and even that is questionable and only possible if they can somehow find the original negatives).  The fact that it doesn't transfer well makes the digital copy sufficient enough and allows you to watch it on your laptop as a movie of this caliber isn't necessarily befitting a large screen.

The only issue with this particular "special" ediiton of the iTunes download is the whole reason it is called "special" in the first place; the inclusion of an advance preview of the new remake before the movie starts.  The preview is brief, about 5 minutes or so, but the shortness isn't the issue.  The issue is the fact that it is attached to the movie in the first place as opposed to a separate file that you can choose to watch after the movie, some other time or not at all.  This may not be an issue now, but after you watched it once, chances are you aren't going to want to watch it again.  And, if you are, chances are you aren't going to want to watch it in a year or two years after the remake has come and gone and a "preview" is no longer relevant.  Instead, you are forced to either fast forward or watch this preview for the rest of the time you have this digital file.

A great idea from WB to get people who are fans of the original, interested in the new movie and vice versa.  But, it would have been a lot better if it were a separate file download.

If you want to purchase the download, head on over to iTunes