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By Peter Oberth

The (horrible) reviews are in...

For the sake of "truth in advertising", we have decided to start a new blog here at showing how WE think posters of certain theatrical movies should look.  We had a little fun with photoshop as we start with the most recent 7 not-so praise worthy films...

Johnny English Reborn:

"(Rowan Atkinson's) style of comedy has ultimately fallen flat" -Matt

Footloose (2011):

"You’re watching a near carbon-copy remake of the original, cheesy scenes and all" -Matt

The Thing (2011):

"Unlike the blood of the imitating creature, The Thing just doesn't pop." -Ryan


"This movie is an insult to movies, to art, to humanity." -Patty

What's Your Number?:

"If you’re looking for another R-rated comedy home run, look elsewhere. It appears that winning streak is finally over" -Matt

Dolphin Tale:

"Dolphin Tale has its moments but ultimately doesn’t leave a lasting impression on the audience." -Matt

Straw Dogs (2011):

"Straw Dogs is a plethora of things but most of all, it's pointless and unnecessary." -Ryan

I Don't Know How She Does It:

"If you like predictable plots or getting embarrased for the main character, then by all means, go..." -Jennifer