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Style vs. Mom

Ugly Shoes

As a mother of two, I constantly have to prioritize between fashion and practicality.   A little background on me; I’m the friend you call when you’ve got a big date or interview and don’t know what to wear.  I have a way of recalling one’s wardrobe (to a fault) and helping decide what looks best on them for their event.  I love being on top of the trends.  However, being fashionable often takes a backseat when traveling with children.  Being a “working” mom didn’t damper my style nearly as much as my new status of stay at home mom.  I didn’t have to plan an outfit around diaper changes and sandbox play time.  Not necessarily a skirt friendly career path.  It’s tempting to slip into a world of elastic waist paints and oversized tees!

I won’t get into the pit falls a dressing for comfort versus dressing for success.  All I can say is time and place.  But creating a wardrobe that fits into my life as a mom and my life as a “fashionista” is proving to be quite a challenge.  Case in point; shoes.  I love cute shoes, but not enough to sacrifice comfort for style.  Therefore, I’m always on the lookout for flats with “WOW!”  Now, another thing about me is I don’t mind donning a controversial piece that I find fantastic.  I may not be confident in every aspect of my life, but that is not the case in the arena of fashion.  So when I saw all the ankle cuff sandals for summer, I was ready to jump on the band wagon!  The styles range from strappy to slouchy, sexy to casual.  I opted for the latter, of both options.  So here is a picture of the shoe.

Even after the initial blisters that came with me wearing them to my son’s soccer practice (What was I thinking?) and the heat I’ve taken from family and friends.  I am still extremely happy with my purchase.  They bring a sort of aloof, casual style to my summer wardrobe of tank tops and Bermuda shorts (don’t get me started on all the booty shorts for sale out there).  Let me know what you think and what fashion risks you’ve boldly taken.  Do you have a picture of an uglier pair of ankle cuffed sandals?  What fashion sacrifices have you made in the name of motherhood?  If you can relate to this blog or got a chuckle out of it, please feel free to check back often for more updates.

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