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By Sari Meltzer

Lost Season 6 Episode 15 - Across The Sea

Finally we see some background story of Jacob and MIB.  So they were brothers, unexpected twins of their mother Claudia whos ship crashed on the island and was bludgeoned to death as soon as she gave birth by a protector on the island.  Claudia gives birth and names him Jacob, unexpectedly she was pregnant with twins and when she delievers the second baby, she said "I only picked one name"... dammit!! the woman kills Claudia and raises the babies as her own.  She leads them to believe they are the only people and this is the only land, there is "nothing across the sea". Jacob is really a mama's boy, never lying, always listening and taking what she says at face value.  Jacob's brother, KIB (kid in black, we never find out his name) is a skeptic.  She tells them there are no people, but one day KIB and Jacob are hunting a bore and they find people, I assume the people who were on the same ship as their birth mother.  They start asking questions and she takes them to the place they are protecting... light? uh, ok.  She says they're never to go in there, that it would be worse than death.  One day Jacob and KIB are playing a game when KIB see's the woman who gave birth to them.  She leads him to the people who were on the ship so in the night KIB wakes up Jacob and asks him to come along and Jacob starts beating KIB up. KIB leaves, Jacob stays.


20ish years later... Jacob looks like the Jacob we all know and love, and he goes to visit MIB and he tells him about how metal acts "strange" in certain places on the island. And in those placesthey dig and this time they found a way off the island.  Mommy visits MIB and he shows her what he found... the "light".  She knocks him out.  She goes back and leads Jacob to the "light" where she gives him some wine and passes the burden of protecing the light to him. When MIB finally comes to, he finds all of his people killed and the hole filled in.  Furious, he stomps back to Jacob and mom and stabs her.  Jacob throws his brother in the lake, knocking him out
and his body floats into the "light".  His body gets sucked in and out comes Smokey.  Jacob, not seeming too concerned about the crazy controlled smoke that just flew past him, takes his brother and mother and lays them side-by-side in the cave... Adam and Eve. 

I was a little disappointed at their backstory, I dont know what I was expecting though.  I guess when they keep a main character(s) so secret for so long, the need to learn more about them builds and builds and when its finally revealed its hard to live up to the excitement in my head.  Jacob seemed a little naive and whiny, always off to tell mommy what his brother was up to. 
The "light" was a little bit of a let down as well.  In the light is life, death, rebirth, yet going into the light is worse than death? what?? Why does every character have to be so damn cryptic?!

Well, a couple questions were answered. 

-Who is Adam and Eve? MIB and his adopted(?) mom.
-How are MIB and Jacob related? brothers.
-How did they get to the island? shipwreck.
-Where did the black and white stones come from? MIB and Jacobs game.
-Where did the wheel come from? MIB and his crew

Couple questions were raised though... ugh!!

-Who is their "mother" and how did SHE get there?
-We can guess that this took place in the early 1800s, since Black Rock didn't arrive until 1864(?) how is that pouch that Jack found holding the stones still intact??
-How did MIB see the vision of Claudia?


once again my computer is acting a fool and wont let me take screenshots. *sigh* i'll try again tomorrow.