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By Sari Meltzer

Lost Season 6 Episode 16 - What They Died For

We open with a familiar scene, the eye of Jack Shepard, this has been a recurring theme throughout the series.  In the flash sideways, Jack wakes up with a slight neck wound and Claire is now living with him and David.  Desmond calls Jack impersonating someone from Oceanic that they found his fathers coffin.  He sounded really weird with an American accent.  On the Island we pick up where we left off after the destruction of the submarine. 

Jack agrees with Kate that they have to kill MIB/Locke.  Back in the flash we see Desmond waiting at the school again when Ben approachs him trying to protect Locke. Desmond tells Ben he's not here to hurt Locke, he's here to help him let go. Thats when Ben asks him who he is and Desmond proceedes to beat the snot out of him; this gives Ben a vision of another time when he was being beaten by Desmond. 

Back on the Island, Ben, Miles and Richard are on quest back to his old house to get C4 to blow up the plane,

they're interrupted by Zoe and Widmore. Apparently Jacob showed Widmore the error of his ways and now he's good. hmmmm.  Back in the flash, Desmond turns himself in to Sawyer and Miles and they put him into lockup where he's in a cell with Sayid and next to the cell holding Kate. 

Back on the Island, Jack and Sawyer are going to get Des out of the well, when Sawyer has a mini breakdown and feels he is to blame for Jin and Sun.  Poor Sawyer, what a blow to his confidence.  Hurley see's kid Jacob and he asks for his ashes back.  Hurley hands them over and Jacob takes off running.  Hurley follows only to see big Jacob. (he put the ashes in the fire, when the fire burns out, Jacob will be gone forever).

Back at Ben's house, Miles runs, Widmore and Zoe hide.  Ben stays and Richard thinks he can talk to him.  Smokey grabs Richard by the neck and throws him. Locke comes up to Ben and tells him he needs him to kill some people.  Then Ben rats out Widmore and shows him where they're hiding.  In the flash, Alex invites Ben over for dinner.  Looks like sparks are flying between Danielle and Ben.

Back on the Island, Locke goes into the room Widmore and Zoe are hiding in.  Locke turns to Zoe and asks who she is, as she's answering Widmore tells her not to speak, so Locke slits her throat. 

When Widmore asks why, he says "you told her not to talk to me, that made her pointless".  Locke asks why he came back, and Widmore came back and if he didnt tell him he would kill his daughter, Penny. So as Widmore is telling  Locke (whispering so we cant hear -.-), Ben shoots Widmore and says "he doesn't get to save his daughter".
sawyer, Jack, Kate & Hurley gather around the fire and they all can see Jacob as he explains why Jin, Sun & Sayid died. Back in the Flash, Locke goes to see Jack and basically tells Jack that all this isnt a coincedence, the same flight, he was his doctor when he was run over, that it's fate.  Sounds like Island Locke :) ah, the nostalgia. Back on the Island, Jacob is telling the story of his brother and why he chose them.  He chose them because they were all like him, alone, not happy.  He crossed Kate's name off the wall because she became a mother.  He tells them about the light and asks to volunteer to become the protector of the Island.  Jack volunteers and we see the same type of ritual that we saw Jacobs mother perform for Jacob and he tells him where the heart of the Island is. Jack is now like Jacob was.  Best line of the night is by Sawyer "And I thought he had a God complex before". ha! 

Back in the Flash Kate, Des and Sayid are being sent off to County lockup.  In the truck, Des tells them to trust him when the truck stops.  He says when the truck stops they have to do him a favor.  They both agree, thinking Des is crazy.  the truck stops, the door opens and yay, Anna Lucia (anyone else think Michelle Rodriguez is a little typecast?).  Up pulls Hurley with the money for Anna Lucia and Des asks Sayid to go with Hurley and Kate's with him and the Camero.  they're going to a concert, I'm assuming DriveShaft to get Charlie.  Apparently Hurley knows everything because he notices Anna Lucia and Des tells him she's not ready to go.  Back on the Island, Locke tells Ben that he is going to destroy the Island by using Desmond.

So the deathtoll continues to rise, bubye  Widmore and Zoe.  I wonder if Richard is dead though.  Jacob made Richard like him, he is unable to kill himself, is Smokey able to? hmmm. 

2 days guys and girls... 2 days and the end of a wonderful 6 year journey begins...