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By Sari Meltzer

LOST Season 6 - The End

I was remembering the first time I watched LOST.  I wasnt a fan from the begining.  I actually didn't watch the pilot when it aired originally; I think itwas a couple days later that I decided to check it out.  I was hooked from the first episode. I don't think I blinked the entire time I was watching. I was enthralled with the viral aspect of LOST, the clues that led to websites that had easter eggs in the source code.  It was fantastic and I've loved every minute of the 6 year journey. The last episode was an event this past Sunday that started at 7pm EST, with a "LOST Journey".  We heard from the cast and writers and we even heard from the fans. I was excited and sad at the same time.  I will really miss the anticipation and the confusion, the discovery andthe surprises.  But most of all I think I'll miss the obsession; what was the hatch? Holy shit! Locke was in a wheelchair! Whats the smoke monster? A freaking polar bear? I don't believe he's Henry Gale and refusing to call him Ben, instead calling him Benry.  Who are the "others"? DONT TRUST JULIET! and Charlie - Not Pennys Boat.  I'll miss the endless internet searching for the Egyption 4 toed goddess and trying to figure out what language they're speaking. Has there been another show so intense throughout the world thats captivated millions of people, and led to dozens of sites dedicated to posting theories and observations? I'm not sure, but in all my 32 years I have never been addicted to a show as I was to LOST.It's been a fun ride, nothing will ever come close to the awesomeness that is, that was LOST.

Since everyone who cares anything about the show knows how it ends, I dont need to describe the episode.  If you missed it or you havent watched it, then I have no idea why you're reading this. Yes, there are spoilers, so stop if you havent watched it yet. Cuse and Lindeloff had a choice; wrap up the islands mysteries or wrap up the characters lives.  They chose the latter.  In this case I was let down.  All those questions, all those scenes deliberately focused on, the ones that made me and everyone else wonder are still leaving us wondering.  Walt and Aaronwere supposed to be special, why were babies and pregnant women dying in childbirth, what happened to Richard, why couldn't the Man in Black leave, what exactly was the "heart of the island" besides a little pool that was plugged by a giant stone cork, and probably the most pertanant question, what is the island? Even if you cared more about the characters stories you're still missing out.  the flash sideways was virtually a do over as if the island never existed; there to comfort everyone until they were ready to remember.  Ok, I'll admit it; when Juliet and Sawyer had their moment of clarity I was on the verge of tears.  I don't cry at tv shows or movies, to date i've cried at 2 movies; Steel Magnolias, the scene where Sally Field's charecter breaks down after the funeral of her daughter and Schindlers List... but come on, you'd have to be a monster if you didnt get choked up when Liam Neisson breaks down thinking he didn't do enough to help.  Yet I found myself welling up like a little girl.  It was nice to know that Hurley ends up with Libby, That Jin and Sun are reunited but that faded and quickly raised more questions...  So this world, how exactly did they create it? Why did they create it where it was so hard to "let go" and where did they go? heaven? So was the flash do over purgatory? Did Cuse and Lindeloff find a loophole out? Oh the ISLAND isnt purgatory but we never said it had nothing to do with purgatory.  The journey of the last season, finally revealing what/who Jacob was and what he was doing on theisland was completely pointless because it NEVER explained any of it! The end of season 5 and all of season 6 meant nothing.  Why bring a charecter into theplot and then just not answer anything about that.  For years we heard Jacob this and Jacob that; we've seen the smoke monster for years and when its finally revealed to be Jacobs brother, it doesnt even explain HOW he became Smokey. 

I understood what happened in the finale and I'm done wondering.  As far as I know, there wont be answers to our questions. Thats it. Done.  Sure, it had a unwhelming and frustrating finish, but we still read Stephen King books right?  The ending may suck and leave us upset, but the journey was spectacular. 

So here is my "last transmission":
Writers, producers and cast of LOST, thank you for 6 years of miracles, hatred, terror, sadness, obsession and the way Desmond says "brotha". Locke was always my favorite from day 1, thanks for not selling him out. :)

Do you have a Last Transmission? Let me hear it.