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By Sari Meltzer

Glee S2E2 - Britney/Brittany

This weeks episode was all Britney Spears. WAIT! Don’t click away yet, it was really good!!  

John Stamos guest starred as Emma’s new boyfriend. 
He is a dentist and Will asks him to talk to his Glee club. After a plaque revealing chew tab,Brittany goes to the dentist with 68 cavities, is put under and while in an anesthesia induced comatose state
she has a Britney Spears fantasy where she is Britney in the Slave 4 U video. Like the Madonna Vogue rendition with Sue last season, all the Britney numbers were done EXACTLY like the actual video. I was really surprised at how good a dancer Brittany and the others are. After Brittany’s Britney fantasy, she tells Santana about it and they both go to the dentist and somehow have a joined video fantasy where Brittany is Britney and Santana is Madonna in Me Against the Music. 
Oh look! A Britney cameo!
Meanwhile at the subplot, Will is generally miserable about Emma dating another man so after talking with Carl, he decides to go out and buy a Corvette… just like Carl’s to try and win Emma back. Honestly, I have no idea why he even wants her, shes neurotic as hell!! Can you imagine? Not an inch of a routine breaker bone in her body; what a boring life. 
Next Rachel goes to the dentist and she is transported to Britney world and dances her way through Oops I did it again
IMO, Rachel is annoying and there is nothing sexy about her. *shrug* Well, Will decides not to stand in the way of the club doing a Britney number mostly due to Sue yelling at him not to because it leads to sex. The guys do a very forgettable rendition of Stronger. Coach Beiste allows Finn and Artie on the team. Something about wheeling him down the field *rolls eyes* So on to the Pep Rally… a very seductive rendition of Toxic
And that’s what you missed this week on Glee
Glee went where only a handful of people have gone before… to the SIMPSONS!
Well it looks like accord to Ryan Murphy, Chord Overstreet will NOT play Kurt’s boyfriend.  Thats sad, they would have looked cute together.
Terry (Will's ex) will try to get back with him.  Meh, not interested.
More interesting is the fact that this year we'll not only see regionals, but sectionals and nationals too.  I'm glad they decided to do that because thats really how it is.  You cant just go to regionals, you have to work your way up there.  We went to regionals in HS, and it was a tough road... ok you can stop snickering now.  Yes I was in chorus, we didn't call it glee club... thats so gay.