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Glee S2E3 - Grilled Cheesus


This week on Glee was a tear jerker, even I found myself alllllmost reaching for some tissues. When Finn decides to make himself a grilled cheese for a snack, he opens his George Forman grill and finds Jesus burned into histoast.  Taking this as a sign he decides he's now a follower of Grilled Cheesus.  Skip to Kurt and his father at his fathersgarage.  Kurt is being a teenager and tells his father he doesnt want to do Friday night dinner, being stubborn he rolls his eyes and his father tells him how disappointed he is.  When Grilled Cheesus answers Finn's wish to win the first football game he attempts to get the Glee club to dedicate a week to songs about God.  Theres some back and forth and Puck gets up and sings Only the Good Die Young by fellow Heeb, Billy Joel. 

Back at the garage, Kurt's father drops and has a heart attack.  Queue tears.  Heres a kid who has no siblings and lost his mother a couple years ago, now his father is in the hospital in a coma.  Needless to say he's not into the whole Jesus/spirituality goings on in Glee but Mercedes is using her faith to help him through with I Look to You by Whitney Houston.

Rachel and Mercedes decide to pray for Kurts father and Rachel sings a stunning and gorgeous (i dont care what anyone says)version of Papa Can You Hear Me by Barbra Streisand, from Yentl.  Kurt orders everyone to go home, but later regrets it an apologizes.  At rehearsal he sings a very emotional version of I Wanna Hold Your Hand by the Beatles, queue tears for round number 2. 

As wish number 2 comes true (touching Rachel's boobs) his faith grows stronger and he wishes to become QB again.  His wish comes true When Sam's shoulder is dislocated during a game.  Feeling guilty, he reveals everything to Emma and she assures him that God is not talking to him through his sandwich.  Now he's in a faith crisis and sings Losing My Religion by REM.

Back at the hospital, Kurt confeses that he is an Atheist but all of his faith is in his father and Burt squeezes his hand andstarts to come out of his coma.  Back at Glee, the club sings One of Us by Joan Osborne.  Finn goes home and eats the rest of his Cheesus sandwich.  Which is kinda gross considering the grilled cheese is at least 2 weeks old.

And thats what you missed this week on Glee

Best Quotes of the episode:

Kurt: "I don't believe in God, Dad. But I believe in you. And I believe in us. You and me — that's what's sacred to me."

Brittany:  "Whenever I pray, I fall asleep."

Brittany:  "I did a book report on heart attacks if you want to give it to the doctor. It got knocked down an entire letter grade because it was written in crayon."

Finn: "Anyway, [Rachel’s] boobs aren’t that great, but they’re still girl boobs, and I’d really like to touch them."


Well we knew it was bound to happen.  The Britney episode brought out all the tight assed moms around the country.  The Parents Television Counsil voted it Worst Episode of the Week *GASP*!  Uhm, has anyone else here even heard of the Parents Television Counsil?? They slammed Slave 4 U with its "skimpy outfits" and "sultry grinds".  And they also had something to say about Me Against the Music, although full clothed, there was "girl on girl bumping and grinding".  Exactly like the videos, all of them were.  Leave it to us prudish Americans to hate on girl on girl bumping a grinding.  It's because Britney Spears isnt a role model, because Whitney Houston, crack addict, is?  They went even so far as to say 'an endorsement of narcotics abuse, public masturbation, and school-sanctioned burlesque.' haha.  Get OVER it.