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By Tara Settembre

2008 Best Picture Nominees

I’ve been fascinated with the history of the Academy Awards since I was younger. If you tell me the year you were born, 95% of the time I can tell you what film won the Oscar for best picture that year. As for 2008, below is my take on the upcoming ceremony’s Best Picture Nominees:

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button The long title is like an omen to how long this film was going to be at 166 minutes. It wasn’t the length though that bothered me, it was the overall build up to nothing. I just felt let down by this film. I like how it started, interesting concept and the plot kept moving and then it just stalled, yet kept driving its audience along for the ride. Yes, Brad Pitt did a good job talking gravelly and not looking so perfect, but eh. Actually, that’s how I felt about this film—“eh.” I had people argue though that it was a beautiful love story, but I didn’t find it all that romantic and that the relationship was pretty shallow and depressing. As I said before, I liked the beginning of the film before the romance even started. Overall, I thought it was over indulgent and at times boring. Can’t help but feel Forrest Gump, which did win best picture in 1994, did a much better job telling a similar and a more interesting story.

Frost/Nixon The style of this film is journalistic as is the subject matter and it reminded me a lot of the film Good Night, and Good Luck. Both were interesting but slow paced. It’s also hard seeing a film that you already know the outcome of. Although I found the film interesting and Frank Langella’s impression of Nixon uncanny and impressive, I don’t think it’s best picture material.

Milk A good political bio picture, it enlightened me on who Harvey Milk was in the first place and easily had my support in his fight for equal rights for gay citizens in San Francisco. The acting was strong as was the late 70s early 80s film coloring, props and overall time capsule look. I particularly liked Emile Hirsch’s role and performance (way to make up for Speed Racer). Although I enjoyed this film and thought it was definitely a must watch, I don’t think it was the best picture of 2008 or anything that special to warrant that particular distinction.

The Reader This was an unexpected surprise for me. I didn’t know much about the film when I walked into the theater outside of Kate Winslet was starring in it, but I really liked the many different layers of love, hate, revenge and suffering. The film takes place Post-WWII Germany and starts off as a love story between a 15-year-old boy and much older woman (Kate). Nearly a decade after the affair came to a mysterious end, the boy now turned law student re-encounters his former lover as she defends herself in a war-crime trial. I wasn’t expecting the trial portion and the change in direction the film took, although it was evident that “something” was brewing. Overall, the film shows you how much love can affect you, hurt you and cloud your judgment and decisions. Kate also did a wonderful job playing the complicated and stern character, she has my vote for Best Actress.

Slumdog Millionaire Now here is a romance, drama, spectacle, biopic and more. Everything a Best Picture winner should be. I must say I wasn’t interested in seeing this British film until the groundswell of buzz and awards escalated it to new heights. I then feared my expectations would be too high, but I was captured right from the start and enjoyed the emotional ride. I wasn't alone as the entire movie theater stayed in their seats until midway through the credits not the typical rush to the exit and to their car.