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By Tara Settembre

I Love You, Man continues the bromance trend

A few weeks ago, I was able to see an advanced screening of I Love You, Man a new comedy coming out on March 20th starring Paul Rudd and Jason Segel.  I didn’t see the trailer, but simply hearing that both of those funny men were in a film together I knew that it was going to be funny. Then again, it could go completely the other way too. Luckily, this film IS funny. It’s not as hysterical as Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Tropic Thunder but there were many laugh out loud moments in the movie theater and many embarrassing moments too. Combine the funny talent with a screenplay and direction by John Hamburg (Along Came Polly, co-writer of Meet The Parents, Meet The Fockers and Zoolander) it’s hard not to make an enjoyable comedy.

The story centers on Paul Rudd’s character, Peter Klaven, who is a real estate agent that is selling Lou Ferrigno’s (The Hulk) home and who just got engaged to the woman of his dreams. When it comes time to pick groomsmen for his upcoming nuptials he soon discovers that although he has a lot of girlfriends he doesn’t have any male friend’s never mind once close enough to serve as his Best Man. After hearing his fiance’s friends concern over the fact that he doesn’t have his own personal life, Peter immediately sets on a series of awkward man-dates. Finally he meets Sydney Fife (Jason Segel) a quirky and painfully honest guy and the two quickly bond over a series of jam sessions to Rush. However, now that he has his guy friend it threatens to interfere with his relationship with his fiancé. 

After being the funny sidekick for so long (The Baxter, Knocked Up, The 40 Year Old Virgin) it was great seeing Paul Rudd in a starring role and he does a great job playing the loveable awkward loser.  Other actors include the awesome Jon Favreau and the sassy Jaime Pressly from My Name is Earl.

My only complaint is that at times certain scenes dragged a bit and that it had a slow paced narrative overall. I also wasn’t a fan of Paul Rudd’s fiancé, played by The Offices Rashida Jones and I’m not sure if it was because of the character she played or because I don’t really know her and frankly was surprised they didn’t cast the part to a more popular actress.

I’ll have more for you all on I Love You, Man as I attended the red carpet premiere last night.  We'll have that story (and video) for you tomorrow on the main site!