Puzzles/Brain Games

Toki Tori

Created by Netherlands-based developer Two Tribes B.V., the puzzle platform game Toki Tori was originally released way back in 2001 for the Game Boy Color.... Read more

Mercury HG

Mercury Hg may sound simplistic in nature, but don’t be fooled by this puzzler’s anamorphous blob of liquid metal. Making its HD debut on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, the game boasts more levels, gorgeous visuals, and all new obstacles.... Read more

Yakiniku Bugyou & Rapid Angel

The PlayStation Store has been a very nice avenue for prospective retro gamers to access older titles with a selection of roughly 160 games that can be downloaded at a moment’s notice.... Read more


Every so often, a PSN game will come along that rivals most full-retail titles in terms of its scope, innovation and presentation. Braid and Flower are just two examples, and now you can add Limbo to that list, which is a definite contender for our favourite PSN game of the year. ... Read more

Chime Super Deluxe

 Development studio Zoë Mode originally released Chime early last year, but unfortunately the game didn’t ever make its way to the PS3.... Read more


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