Unsolved Mysteries

These sets are some of the best episodes of Bizarre Murders and Psychics from Unsolved Mysteries.  There are 32 episodes on Bizarre Murders covering the Boston Strangler, Ira Eihhorn, and Jesse James Hollywood.... Read more

Project Greenlight

Project Greenlight is hilarious, edgy and addictive. Chris Moore is a conceited ass as usual and the tension is higher than ever.... Read more

The Osbournes 2 1/2

The Osbournes 2 ½ features ten episodes about the unusual life of the Osbournes.  This season was funny; but it is also growing old. Jack and Kelly fighting, Jack does stuff he shouldn’t, a dog pees on the couch, and Ozzy stumbles around; this all the same stuff as previous seasons.... Read more


Missed the first season, or perhaps a couple of episodes? Now you can see it all.  See how it began, how alliances were thought up, and how much stuff they were given to survive with. All of the challenges and tribal councils can be watched commercial free.... Read more


The TV series Cops has released clips of “Bad Girls” from numerous episodes. You can watch as women are arrested for drug possession, assault, and much more. These suspects prove that they can be just as violent and dangerous as male suspects.... Read more

The Osbournes

Hilariously obscure, The Osbournes took the reality world by storm in a way not seen since, well…ever. Forget Survivor and Joe Millionaire, THIS is where the gold lies.... Read more