Denzel Washington: Quick Thoughts

Denzel Washington: Quick Thoughts

On the film:
That's the good thing about having not seen the old one because I don't know the difference… I just think it's better for me, the way I like to work, to come up with whatever I come up with and not have to feel like, "Oh, I can't this" or "That's what they did," or "That was a really good idea and I'll try to imitate that" or whatever. I just didn't want that to be part of it.

On the theme of the film:
The heart is stronger than anything, the spirit wins out and I think that's what the story is saying. The spirit, the bond, the heart, the feeling of these men are more powerful than anyone who attempts to manipulate them, even if it costs them their lives.

On brain washing:
There are some lines in the film when we talk about, I think one of the doctor talk about, "It's not that complicated anymore, we're all brainwashed." You watch enough television, you think that you need a burger [and] you don't even know why, that's brain washing. If you hear the same thing over and over, you'll start believing it.

On technology:
[Is] the technology…there to do all the things we do in the film? I hope not, I hope not. And I guess if there's a positive in the film is that the human spirit will win out.

Interview by Josh Newhouse