Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana: The Movie)

Miley Cyrus (Hannah Montana: The Movie)
"We’re already working on a third season of the TV show and we’re in talks for a fourth season."

Miley on the future of "Hannah Montana"

Want to know what it was like to film Hannah Montana: The Movie? We catch up with the movie’s star Miley Cyrus to get the lowdown! Are kissing scenes embarrassing? What’s the message of the movie? And what did Miley add to the story? Read on to discover all…

SHAKEFIRE: First things first… There’s a rumor going around that you didn’t want a Hannah Montana movie. Is that true?
MILEY CYRUS: It is true! At first, I was a little concerned because I wanted to know how the show would work in a movie format. We wanted to make a movie that was more realistic than the show, along with some comedy and romance. I think we did a good job of doing that, but it was a little scary at the start.

SF: Why was it scary?
MC: Well, this is my first feature film where I’m the lead. I know there’s a first time for everything, but I want my first time in everything to be close to perfect! It’s not like any other movie because there’s a whole back-story in the television show that everyone knows about and we had to be true to that.

SF: Did you have fun filming the movie?
MC: I was scared out of my mind for half of the movie! Making a film is like learning the ropes all over again. Our television show can be a little unrealistic because it’s supposed to be crazy and fun – just like a normal kid sitcom. But a movie is different. It has to be more realistic.

SF: What happens in the movie’s story?
MC: Well, it’s about how Hannah and Miley have melted together. Hannah was just this alter ego, but Miley was the normal girl underneath the wig. It’s become a bit of a mess because the alter ego is ruining Miley’s life – so she is sent back to Tennessee to learn about where she came from and who she really is.

SF: Does she change during the film?
MC: Miley is growing up in the movie. She’s going through hard times and she’s trying to find herself – and I think that’s a beautiful part of the movie. It’s cool to see her change.

SF: Is the movie a farewell to Hannah Montana?
MC: No way! We’re not saying goodbye to Hannah just yet. We’re already working on a third season of the TV show and we’re in talks for a fourth season. I really hope we do Season Four!

SF: Did you bring any ideas to the movie?
MC: I’m really interested in films, so I was eager to help out. I talked about how a normal Tennessee girl should look and act. I didn’t want to see an exaggerated version of a cowgirl in a cowboy hat and boots. I had ideas on keeping it real – and that’s what we did in the movie.

SF: Would you like to see the romance in the movie cross over to the TV show?
MC: We’ve tried to keep the movie pretty separate from the television show. I don’t think we’ll bring any of the new characters from the movie into the show really. I think it would be better to keep them apart.

SF: Why?
MC: For starters, Hannah’s love interest in the movie is called Travis and he is a very mellow guy – but that wouldn’t work so well on a sit-com that’s filmed in front of a live studio audience. Hannah’s love interests need to be louder and more outgoing. And anyway, I think it’s good to keep it separate because it’ll feel like a never-ending movie otherwise!

SF: Lucas Till – the guy who plays Travis in the movie – says you’re a very good kisser…
MC: He said that? What a freak! I’m going to text him and tell him he’s weird.

SF: Was he a good kisser?
MC: He was OK. I think Lucas is adorable and all of the girls love him on screen. He’s a great guy, but the kiss was just a screen kiss.

SF: Was the kissing scene embarrassing to film?
MC: No, it’s not embarrassing. Kissing is something that everybody does! Hannah Montana is a funny comedy, but the kiss matures the movie a little bit. It’s something that people aren’t expecting, which is good.

SF: What’s the message behind the movie?
MC: The story shows how you need to be able to take the time to realize who you are and where you’ve come from. I know I have to do that in my life sometimes. It felt great to return home to Nashville to shoot the movie and be comfortable with who I am. Where you’re from reflects a lot of who you are and who you’ll become as you get older. 

SF: Did you learn anything while making the movie?
MC: I did! I learned that it’s super important to stay true to yourself and your family. I’ve also learned that I’ve got a lot to learn about life, but that’s just part of growing up.
SF: Are you proud of the songs in the new film, Miley?
MC: Of course I am! All of the new songs really suit the movie. In fact, I think they’re some of the best songs I’ve ever recorded. The music really lifts the film and I love them to bits.

SF: What’s your favorite song from the film?
MC: I really like The Climb because it’s about becoming a better person. That’s what Miley Stewart and Hannah Montana are both working towards in the movie, so it has a special place in my heart.

SF: Tell us more…
MC: Well, it’s about enjoying every moment in your life. I don’t know what’s waiting for me around the corner and I don’t know what else I’m going to be doing in the future – but you’ve got to enjoy things while you’re doing them. There are tough times and mountains to climb, but you’ve got to go for it.
SF: Do you think there’s always going to be another mountain to climb?
MC: Yes. I think there are always going to be things that you’re going to want to do. In the song, it doesn’t only mean a new dream or a new goal, but it means you’re going to stumble and you’re going to fall a little bit along the way. It’s about picking yourself back up and starting again.

SF: These words sound very wise, Miley…
MC: They are, aren’t they? Well, I’m sure there will be another mountain. It’s happened to me before and it will happen to me again. It’s just a part of learning. It’s part of life – and I look forward to tackling more of it in the future.

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