Nicole Kidman: Quick Thoughts

Nicole Kidman: Quick Thoughts

About her Character
I play Joanna who is this high powered out of control career woman who runs this network; and proceeds to have a breakdown. Her whole family is falling apart and her husband takes her off to Stepford, the town of Stepford, for her to recover and she goes because she wants to sort of salvage the marriage and that’s how the movie begins.

About the world of Stepford
Everything is perfect and everybody is serene and nobody seems to have any stress and everyone lives in very, very big houses and nobody rocks the boat, and that’s what she finds kind of extraordinary.

On the dream wife of the average man
You ask a lot of men and they do say “Yeah, I would like it to go back to, you know, the Nineteenth century when women didn’t really work and they didn’t really have an opinion, and it was all about me”. You know, and a lot of men when they answer that question “Would you prefer your wife to exist completely for you, only for you and not to have an opinion?” If they answer it honestly, a lot of them say yes; I mean I don’t know if deep down they would really want it but it certainly sounds appealing to them right?

On the cast

We have such a strong cast and we have, you know, Bette Midler, Glenn Close and, and Faith [Hill] doing her first movie.

Interview by Josh Newhouse