Fight Club

In Theatres: 
Oct 15, 1999
On DVD: 
Tuesday, August 27, 2002
On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, November 17, 2009
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Running Time: 
2 Hours, 19 Minutes
Based on Book: 
disturbing and graphic depiction of violent anti-social behavior, sexuality and language

"'Fight Club' pulls you in, challenges your prejudices, rocks your world and leaves you laughing" (Rolling Stone). Brad Pitt ("12 Monkeys", "Seven"), Edward Norton ("Primal Fear," "American History X") and Helena Bonham Carter ("Mighty Aphrodite," "A Room With A View") turn in powerful "performances of which movie legends are made" (Chicago Tribune) in this action-packed hit. A ticking-time-bomb insomniac (Norton) and a slippery soap salesman (Pitt) channel primal male aggression into a shocking new form of therapy. Their concept catches on, with underground "fight clubs" forming in every town, until a sensuous eccentric (Bonham Carter) gets in the way and ignites an out-of control spiral toward oblivion.


-Director David Fincher shot over 1,500 reels of film, more than three times the usual amount for a 120 minute film.

-Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) was originally going to recite a workable recipe for home-made explosives (as he does in the novel). But in the interest of public safety, the filmmakers decided to substitute fictional recipes for the real ones.

-Author Chuck Palahniuk has stated that he found the film to be an improvement on his novel.

-Although he refused to smoke in Rounders (his character played poker for cigarettes, but did not smoke), Edward Norton agreed to smoke for this film.

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