On DVD: 
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Running Time: 
83 minutes

The year is 1983 and Sam (played by Ashley Lloyd) is not the most popular kid around. When trying to impress Jenny (played by Erin Hayes), the girl who is dating the high football joke and is the prettiest girl in his school, Sam finds himself in a touch of trouble. On a dare by Biff (played by Michael Cannell-Griffiths) to go into an abandoned amusement park, Sam figures that if he accepts this dare then Jenny would see how brave he is and that she should be with him. Not wanting Sam to go into the park, Jenny chases after Sam but the two instead end up wandering around the amusement park thinking that they are alone. When the lights come on the monsters and evil clown come out and begin to terrorize Sam and Jenny. Now the two of them have to find a way out of the park without dying.