Once Upon A Time In Queens

On DVD: 
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Running Time: 
100 minutes
Adult language

After being in prison for the past 20 years for all the crimes committed when being the mob boss of Queens, Joe Scoleri (played by Paul Sorvino) will have to relearn how to live as a free man. This time around won't be as easy for him before going to prison. In the old days he could go where he wanted when he wanted and see anyone he wanted to but now he has a parole officers to answer to. His new life is full of limitations and regulations. Joe can't see, talk, listen to, or even be near any of his old friends and associates. If not for his daughter Rita (played by Renee Props) and his next door neighbor Bobby (played by Michael Rapaport). Between his daughter trying to get reconnected with Joe and make him realize that the old ways are no longer the current ways of life and Bobby getting in trouble with other mobsters and the law just for trying to make Joe feel comfortable being back in the neighborhood, Joe also has to deal with his failing health while living in a world that has moved past what he knows.