Patema Inverted

On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Running Time: 
98 minutes
Written by: 

Princess Patema is a curious girl that wants to explore her underworld realm. Even thouse she is the princess she still has to follow the many rules and regulations that are there to keep the people safe. Even though she has been told that she must follow the rules, Patema can't stop herself from exploring the forbidden zone where mysteries and wonder await her. While looking around, Patema finds out that the stories of monsters living in the forbidden zone are true when she runs into someone that can walk on the ceiling and has red eyes. In her attempt to get away, Patema falls into a void that drops her into a new world where the skies are blue and the ground is green with grass but for Patema it's really not blue skies and green grounds. This new world Patema is now trapped in has her falling into the sky as if she where falling into another void and the ground that Age, a student she first meets, is actually walking on the ceiling now, but it's the ground. Age tries to help Patema from falling into the sky but in doing so the two are now being chased down by people that don't want the two worlds to meet. The two become friends as their need for one another to stay grounded leads to a discovery that neither could have every imagined.