In Theatres: 
Jun 03, 2011
Running Time: 
97 min

 Oliver Tate (Craig Roberts) isn't your normal 15-year-old boy. He sports the same pea coat with shaggy hair just hitting the top of his eyes. He daydreams of what others would do in the situation that Oliver would mysteriously die. But mostly, he is fascinated by a girl. This girl is the curiously beautiful Jordana Bevan (Yasmin Paige). Studying her interests by spying on her daily activities, Oliver finds his way into Jordana's eyes. However, Oliver is a lot more vocal about how he feels about Jordana than she is. While Oliver is busy falling in love, his parents are too preoccupied falling out of love to care for their son. Lloyd Tate (Noah Taylor) seems to only evoke emotion when discussing marine biology while his neurotic wife, Jill (Sally Hawkins), worries herself into a possible affair with an ex-lover (Paddy Considine) who has just moved next door. Oliver constantly tries to manipulate his parents back into a loving marriage, but nothing seems to be working. Oliver now