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Announces String of HARD ROCK Dates

New York, NY – (October 6, 2008) – Multi-Platinum, politically-fueled rockers, Filter, will be releasing a remix album featuring brand new takes on various tracks from their latest masterpiece, Anthems For The Damned.   The REMIXES FOR THE DAMNED album will be in stores on November 4 – just in time for the Presidential Election!

FILTER’s first independently released album, Anthems for the Damned, is a pro-troops, anti-war statement that also tackles the need to look around at the state of things and what kind of world we are leaving to our children.  Making a return to his industrial roots, Richard Patrick feels that some of these songs could benefit from an industrial feel.  Patrick states, “I love the way Anthems sounds, but I just wanted to try something new.  I’ve been living with the tracks for the past year and half so I felt it would be interesting to get a different take on some of these songs.”

Set for a digital-only release, the new album features remakes of select songs on Anthems by Richard Patrick, Mitch Marlow, John Spiker, Clayton W (Revolting Cocks, Ministry), Timmy the Terror Anderson (Ima Robot), Rae DiLeo (Producer, Engineer for Filter), Ben Wise (Producer), Ryan Williams, Carlos Villalobos and John O’Brien.  The release will be available all over the web, for specific outlets please see www.myspace.com/filter1

Track listing for the album includes:

1. What's Next (The Art of Lying to Yourself)
2. The Take (Rumsfeld Torture Party)
3. I Keep the Flowers Around (Love's Labour's Lost)
4. What's Next (Blood and Sand)
5. Soldiers of Misfortune (Justin Eyerly)
6. In Dreams (Chase the White Rabbit into Pakistan)
7. Kill the Day (Drunken Forgive Mes)
8. Cold (Desert Sky)
9. Soldiers of Misfortune (10 hits of X in Baghdad)
10. The Take (Declanator)
11. Kill the Day (Gonzo in the Club)
12. Soldiers of Misfortune (Turning Blood into Oil)
13. Kill theDay (Wired Sunrise)
14. Only You (Stripped)
15. Lie After Lie (Stripped)

Patrick and his FILTER bandmates will also hit up some HARD ROCK CAFEs for special performances prior to the remix album’s release.  Be sure to catch them out at the following stops:

October 28                  Hard Rock Café                       Philadelphia, PA
October 30                  Hard Rock Café                       Washington, DC
November 1                Hard Rock Café                       Cleveland, OH  

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