Atlanta screens new Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen trailer

The world premiere of the latest trailer for the upcoming Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was shown during a special screening of the first film in 20 major cities. For the Atlanta showing, the GA Tech robotics group made an appearance with their machines including a mechanical arm, dancing robots, and even a remote controlled car! Shakefire was on hand to capture this event.

GA Tech showed off many of the interesting and complex robotics they have built over the course of the semester; their biggest being a fully functional car that can be driven remotely. Also being demonstrated was a large robotic arm that could pick up objects and perform multiple tasks. The operator showed off its abilities to restrain a person in the same manor as police. This was only one part of a massive robot that was being built. The base of the robot was also on site as it wheeled around the tables. Other machines included ones with cameras for object recognition and a pair that could dance and fight. Sadly, there were no transforming robots.

The trailer opens with Sam informing Bumblebee that he will be going to college without him. Mikaela unfortunately is unable to go with him therefore works as a mechanic at an auto body shop. Then things start to go weird as Sam begins to write strange hieroglyphs during the middle of class. Optimus Prime then informs him that he plays a much bigger role in this war as meteors are seen, crashing towards Earth. War between the Autobots and Decepticons ensues, with Megatron making his triumphant return from the bone chilling abyss. The setting has been expanded to Egypt as you will see them fight on the pyramids and search for these hieroglyphs. There is also a quick glimpse of a battle in the forest and Prime wielding two blades rather than one as seen in the first film. The trailer ends showing the massive decepticon Devastator and the Constructicons as it attempts to destroy the Autobots and Sam. The trailer is scheduled for release later on today.

Check back here later today to see the new trailer!

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