Justin Timberlake Joins Bad Teacher

Justin Timberlake might have been stretching his dramatic acting muscles for David Fincher’s The Social Network recently, but he’s ready to dip back into comedy for Jake Kasdan’s new film Bad Teacher.

Cameron Diaz is starring as a foul-mouthed, money-grabbing educator who, when she’s dumped by her latest boyfriend, sets her sights on a substitute teacher – Timberlake – who also happens to be the heir to a watch fortune. First, though, she has to take down his too-good-to-be-true girlfriend, played by Britain’s own Lucy Punch.

And this one has slowly been building a decently funny supporting ensemble, with Molly Shannon the latest addition to a cast that includes Jason Segel and John Michael Higgins. We just hope the script from Year One's Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky is worthy of them all.

It’ll be interesting to see the pair sparring on screen given their on-again, off-again romantic history. *

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