Robert Downey Jr. is pulled in by 'Gravity'

Before he returns to Victorian London for more deductive reasoning and predictive fisticuffs, does Robert Downey Jr. have time to take off into space?

According to Deadline Hollywood, he does. They claim the actor has been drawn to Alfonso Cuarón's sci-fi thriller GRAVITY, now prepping for a summer shoot in England, after which Downey will don his bowler for Guy Ritchie's SHERLOCK HOLMES sequel.

GRAVITY, which the CHILDREN OF MEN director will present in the omnipresent 3D
format, revolves around a space station mishap that leaves two survivors adrift and desperate to find a way back to Earth. Downey couldn't fit COWBOYS & ALIENS into his schedule because of SHERLOCK 2, but he probably won't be seeing any extraterrestrials this time, either.

The production is seeking a female co-star to float through the cosmos with Downey. It was originally reported that Angelina Jolie dumped a WANTED sequel to star in GRAVITY, but she propelled away from it as well. Maybe the irresistible pull of Downey's star power will bring her back?

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