Marisa Tomei Joins The Lincoln Lawyer

There's not been much information about The Lincoln Lawyer since last October's news that Tommy Lee Jones might be jumping aboard as both co-star and director. That deal seems to have fallen through, but Matthew McConaughey is certainly still attached, and now he may be joined by Marisa Tomei.

Tomei would play Maggie McPherson, the prosecuting attorney ex-wife of McConaughey's defense lawyer Micky Haller. You can see where their disagreements might have arisen. The film is based on the novel by Michael Connolly, the first of three (so far, not including other appearances) featuring Haller, which involves the lawyer, who uses his Lincoln Town Car as his office, scoring a wealthy client with honesty issues.

McConaughey has tried for serieses and missed before (Sahara anyone?) so this could be the recurring character he's been looking for. He might have done better to plump for Haller's half-brother Harry Bosch though, at fifteen novels and counting. Tomei meanwhile, will be looking to keep the momentum going after her stand-out turn in The Wrestler. Will The Lincoln Lawyer's ex fit the bill?

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