Mickey Rourke hops on the hog for Tony Scott and Hell's Angels

With IRON MAN 2 blasting into theaters, Mickey Rourke is surfing the crest of his resurrection wave. While he recently talked about portraying Mongolian ruler Genghis Khan, it sounds like that curious project will have to wait.

Rourke is planning to slip on his riding leathers and crank the throttle as the founder of notorious biker club HELL'S ANGELS. The movie comes from director Tony Scott, who has been trying to rev it up for a decade (Rourke has also long been keen on doing a motorcycle movie, perhaps to help wash away the memory of HARLEY DAVIDSON AND THE MARLBORO MAN).

Deadline says the story is in the DONNIE BRASCO mold, describing it as "a two-hander with a younger actor playing a cop who attempts to infiltrate the club to investigate alleged criminal activities". Scott has apparently met with Shia LaBeouf to play the young hotshot.

Before rolling with the two-wheeled outlaws, Rourke will co-star in Scott's destined-to-be-retitled crime epic POTZDAMER PLATZ, which also has Jason Statham and Javier Bardem attached.

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