Anthony Hopkins Joining Arabian Nights

Anthony Hopkins is jumping in to what should be a fun role for him to chew on: he’s signing on to play the villain in Chuck Russell’s Arabian Nights, according to the Heat Vision Blog.

Liam Hemsworth is starring as a young commander who teams up with Sinbad, Ali Baba and the Genie of the Lamp to rescue the imperilled queen, Scheherazade.

Hopkins’ bad guy, Pharotu, murdered the king, slaughtered Hemsworth’s mermaid love and is trying to gather more magic so he can rule the kingdom, the fiend!

Russell will start shooting later in the summer, though we bet the producers watching how well Prince Of Persia does before considering how much money to let him spend.

After working with brother Chris Hemsworth on Thor, Hopkins will now be ticking Luke off in his Big I Spy Book Of Hemsworths.

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