Ryan Reynolds Entering Safe House?

Okay, this is getting more than a little ridiculous. We realise that when an actor or actress gets tagged with the “hot” sticker and is approached for every role out there, they take a load of meetings even if they wouldn’t have the time to do all the movies. But Ryan Reynolds’ phantom schedule is beginning to look more crowded than the Twilight  lines at Comic-Con. The latest project that he’s being considered for? Thriller Safe House, with Denzel Washington.

The film has had something of a storied history so far – bought up by Universal as a spec script from Us Weekly editor David Guggenheim back in February, it has attracted Washington and sought-after Snabba Cash director Daniel Espinosa.

Part of the appeal might be a compelling high-concept plot, which sees the only survivor of an assault on a CIA safe house (Reynolds) trying to get a dangerous criminal (Washington) to another secure location before even more violent forces kill them both.

But Reynolds’ film future has already been filling up, with the likes of a possible Green Lantern sequel, merc-with-a-mouth Marvel outing Deadpool, fellow comic book pic R.I.P.D. and comedy The Change-Up all vying for his attention.

Should he pass on the film, though, there are lots of other possible candidates lining up to take his place, as most of Known Young Male Hollywood has had a meeting about the part. That list, according to the Heat Vision blog, includes Chris Pine (who just worked wth the Denz on Unstoppable), Taylor Kitsch, Tom Hardy, Sam Worthington (natch!), Shia LaBeouf, James McAvoy and Zac Efron.

Surely the only way to decide this is to make them all battle it out for the role with giant padded sticks on raised platforms, Gladiators-style…

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