Russell Crowe Eyes 'Superman' Movie

Russell Crowe is negotiations to play the Kryptonian father of Superman in Man of Steel, the Zack Snyder-directed relaunch of Warners’ Superman franchise.

The casting of heavyweight Crowe in the role has a ring of synchronicity to it as it harkens back to the casting of heavyweight Marlon Brando in Warner's 1978 Superman movie.

Brando was famously paid $16 million dollars for the part that amounted to 15 minutes of screen time. Details of how large the role (a scientist who forsees the destruction of his planet and squires his infant son into an escape rocket bound for Earth) is in Man of Steel are not being revealed.

Steel already has Kevin Costner playing Jonathan Kent, the human father of Superman, who is being played by Henry Cavill.

Christopher Nolan is producing the movie, which is heading for a late summer or fall start in Vancouver.

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