Fox Says It's A Good Day To Die Hard

American readers! Desperate to find that perfect date movie for a romantic evening at the cinema on Valentine’s Day, 2013? 20th Century Fox has the solution: why not go and see A Good Day to Die Hard, the fifth outing in the John McClane series? It’s just what you need to set the right mood. You know, with the explosions and the frustrated cop and everything.

Yes, Fox has set a US release date for Bruce Willis’ next go-around in the filthy vest, as the new Die Hard film will indeed arrive on February 14, 2013. There’s no word on whether it’ll be a simultaneous UK release as well (possibly unlikely, since we’ve always had to wait a few days) and if the title will stay intact during its trip across the pond (you might recall Live Free or Die Hard became the bland-as-old-rice-pudding Die Hard 4.0 here to remove any Americano-centric misunderstandings).

What we do know so far is this: Max Payne’s John Moore is directing from a script by Skip Woods. Willis is back as McClane and this time around, the plot will see him tackling nasty criminal types in Russia alongside his son (what, no return engagement for Mary Elizabeth Winstead’s spunky Lucy?) Moore and the producers have yet to cast the new sprog, but we’re surely not far away from either a surprise announcement or a long string of wish lists, rumours and whittling down before some young buck lands the coveted role.

While talking up the Die Hard date, Deadline also mentioned that Taken 2 will unleash its particular set of skills again in reports 2012, and we can expect the next Percy Jackson film (yup, they really are moving ahead with that) in early 2013.

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