Lego Batman 2 Glitch Solution

Are you one of the unlucky to buy the new Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes for Xbox 360 and have it freeze up on you at the end of the level The Next President? Well I was. And to say I was angry is an understatement. And just to let you know how bad the problem apparently was at several different stores I visited they had pulled all copies for the Xbox 360 from their shelves.
I tried everything I could find online from turning on the subtitles, turning off the cheats, and a variety of combinations with the settings. And while some of those things to work for a select few I still found myself staring at Robin’s stupid car frozen on the screen. And to make matters worse when I decided to just wander around Gotham to at least attempt to gather gold bricks and save citizens I was stuck with a Kryptonite poisoned Superman unable to fly.

As I searched endlessly for a fix to this problem all I got were more guesses by players and comments that they had contacted the company who were promising a fix soon. Well finally they have released a code that I tested and it did work for me. So if you have not come across it yet I will now share it with you.

Before entering the level The Next President go into the Extras option (where you enter your cheat codes). Once there enter the code N0Cut5 (note that the 0 is a zero). Once you enter it the screen will say that the code is unlocked and it will be called ?. At this point the cheat is turned on, it will not appear below like the other cheats do & you will not be given the option to turn it on or off. Please note that just because this cheat is on does not mean your part is finished. All you did was turn on the option to skip the cut scenes. After you defeat the Joker robot and the cut scene starts you will need to press the Y button and it will skip over the scene taking you to the end level screen where you stats are tallied up for you. You will also from here on out be able to skip all cut scenes for levels to come if you so choose.

Now I can’t promise that this will work for everyone; but I do know it worked for me. And right now it seems like the majority of people that have had this issue as well have found this to be the fix that works for them too. So good luck to you if you try to use it. I just hope that in the future they will take a bit more time with their games to make sure their customers will be able to play them all the way through.

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