Joss Whedon Releases His Latest Film via Vimeo for $5

The latest Joss Whedon project to reach the big screen, indie drama In Your Eyes, was released simultaneously on all manner of small screen during its world premiere at the Tribecca Film Festival Sunday night. The Avengers director's production company Bellwether Pictures announced that it was making the film available on its website via Vimeo for $5 immediately following the screening in New York.

Busy shooting the The Avengers 2, Whedon wasn't able to attend the film's premiere, but he appeared onscreen in a short video message after the credits.

"It's not just the world premiere of the film, it's the worldwide release date, because as of now, In Your Eyes is available on any Internet-cable device"".

Directed by Brin Hill, In Your Eyes, stars Zoe Kazan and Michael Stahl-David as a bored wife and charismatic ex-con who share a strange connection. It's the second project put out by Bellwether Pictures, the micro-budget movie production company Whedon established with his wife Kai Cole. The company's first film was Whedon's indie adaptation of Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing (2012), which was acquired by Lionsgate, in association with Roadside Attractions, for a joint theatrical release in North America.

In Your Eyes is available for 72 hour rental for $5 via Vimeo at inyoureyesmovie.com. Vimeo is part of Barry Diller's Internet conglomerate IAC.

"This is exciting for us because it means we get to explore yet another new form of distribution – and we get $5," Whedon said.