Capcom Confirms Resident Evil 2 Remake in the Works

Fans have long been pestering Capcom with requests for a Resident Evil 2 remake for years now, and it appears that they have finally gotten their wish. Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi announced in a video posted today that they are indeed working on a remake of the PS1 classic survival horror sequel. 

“It’s been great to see so many positive comments from fans that have pushed the project to get approved," Hirabayashi said. "The team here at Capcom Japan really appreciates fans’ passion and support and will do our best to bring fans what they really want.”

For the past few days, Capcom surveyed fans on social media about a potential remake of Resident Evil 2. The support must have been overwhelming because it looks like the game is now going into full production. It will be a while before any more details about the remake are announced Hirabayashi says in the video, but the fact that they're making it is great news as it is.

Earlier this year, Capcom released Resident Evil HD Remaster on the PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360, and PC where it was well received and would go on to become one of Capcom's biggest selling digital titles. They're currently working on a remaster of Resident Evil 0 HD, which will launch next year. A remake of Resident Evil 2 is the next logical step.