Nathan Darrow to Star on 'Gotham' as Mr. Freeze

House of Cards star Nathan Darrow has been cast in a recurring guest-star role as Victor Fries on FOX's Gotham.

While most fans know him better as the supervillain Mr. Freeze, Gotham will introduce him as one of the city's preeminent cryogenics engineers. Fries' wife Nora has always played a prominent role in his story arc, although she has primarily been seen in a frozen stasis waiting for Victor to find a cure. Gotham will feature Nora alive, but not well as she battles a terminal disease. As she grows closer to death, Victor will go to any means necessary to save her, leading eventually to his transformation into the bone-chilling Mr. Freeze.

Darrow will make his debut as Victor Fries on Monday, November 30th's episode of Gotham.

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