Universal Reveals 'Dark Universe' for its New Generation of Monster Movies

Universal has officially given a name to its planned relaunch of classic monster films, dubbing it the Dark Universe.

Being led by creatives Alex Kurtzman and Chris Morgan, the Dark Universe kicks off with Tom Cruise's The Mummy next month on June 9th, witch will then be followed by by The Bride of Frankenstein on February 14, 2019. Universal has announced that Beauty and the Beast's Bill Condon will direct The Bride of Frankenstein. There will be no Dark Universe film released on April 18, 2018 as had been previously announced.

"When Universal approached us with the idea of reimagining these classic characters, we recognized the responsibility of respecting their lagacy while bringing them into new and modern adventures," said Krurtzman and Morgan. "The studio and our fellow creative collaborators have championed and challenged us as we've begun to spin the web of Dark Universe. It's our hope these movies will engross longtime fans and spark the imaginations of brand-new ones."

In addition, Universal has revealed that Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem will be joining the Dark Universe. Depp will star as the Invisible Man while Bardem will star as Frankenstein's Monster. They join a cast that includes Tom Cruise as Nick Morton, Russell Crowe as Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde, and Sofia Boutella as Princess Ahmanet aka the Mummy.

"I'm very excited to bring a new Bride of Frankenstein to life on screen, particularly since James Whale's original creation is still so potent, " stated Condon. "The Bride of Frankenstein remains the most iconic female monster in film history, and that's a testament to Whale's masterpiece -- which endures as one fo the greatest movies ever made."

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