Nintendo DS

Backyard Football

Apaprently Electronic Arts’ stranglehold on NFL games doesn’t extend to surreal kid’s games. The officially licensed Backyard NFL Football is a fun, slower paced football game for those that are too young or not versed on the technical aspects of Madden’s hugely popular series.... Read more

Backyard Basketball

Possibly the most enjoyable game of the bunch, Backyard NBA Basketball features all 30 NBA teams, a slew of actual athletes and the same customizable options as the other two in the series.... Read more

Spider-Man: Friend Or Foe

Spider-Man is back.  Spider-Man: Friend or Foe is a new take on the Spider-Man franchise.  Developed by Next Level Games, this title features characters from the Spider-Man movies, the Spider-Man cartoon, and of course the Spider-Man comic book.  Not only did Next Level make this game from multip... Read more

Transformers: The Game

After viewing one of the best action movies of the summer, I had high hopes for Transformers: The Game. Although not as good as watching the film on the big screen, the game elaborates on the story between the Autobots and Decepticons. ... Read more

Spider-Man 3

We all know that super hero movie-based video games are either hit or miss, but the Spider-Man series has a pretty good track record.... Read more

Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe

I was really torn on this game. So I figured the best way to do this review is to give a pros and cons list so you can decide if the game will work for you. Pros ... Read more

Super Mario 64 DS

This is a slight update to the original Super Mario.  You still jump into to various worlds to find Power Stars and battle enemies. However in this version there are 30 more stars and several more worlds to play. You also have the ability to play more characters.... Read more


Snowboarding takes a new twist in SSX3. Instead of new courses in different cities to unlock you have three peaks on the same mountain to open.  Each peak contains 5-10 different areas to snowboard.... Read more

SSX Tricky

SSX Tricky puts you in the middle of the world snowboarding circuit.  You are given numerous choices of different snowboarders and a variety of courses. This game has a lot of stars behind it too. The voices of David Arquette, Jim Rose, Billy Zane, and Lucy Lui help bring life to the riders.... Read more


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