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Xbox 360


There are two things I found remarkable about my last online outing in Brink: one was the number of fetishistic gas masks on show, which surely says something about Brink’s “expressive” community, and two, I didn’t kill anyone, which most definitely says a lot about my playing style. ... Read more

MX Vs. ATV Alive

THQ is conducting an interesting experiment with MX vs. ATV Alive. The company has released the bare bones, the core game essentially, to us at an affordable price with the expectation that we’ll complete our package with DLC. ... Read more


 Swarm is the latest game from Canadian developer Hothead Games, and is available now on PSN.... Read more

Kinect for Xbox 360

So there has been talk of Microsoft's very ambitious Kinect project for some time now.  After Nintendo released the Wii to critical acclaim in November of 2006, it changed the face of gaming and quickly became the number one selling console of all the major new gen releases from Sony (... Read more

Crysis 2

“BE STRONG. BE FAST. BE INVISIBLE. BE THE WEAPON”. That’s EA’s slogan for Crysis 2, to prepare us for this suped-up, sci-fi first-person shooter. It wouldn’t sound out of place in an eighties action flick, but, then again, neither would Crysis 2. ... Read more

Dragon Age II

Dragon Age: Origins was released in November 2009 to great critical reviews, and quickly gained an almost fanatic cult following, due to its engaging story, range of interesting characters, and ridiculous amount of choice afforded to the player.... Read more


 Story and concept came first for ... Read more


Bulletstorm is a first-person shooter from the Epic Games studio, People Can Fly. It is set in the future, in the 26th Century, in a time when big burly marine-types stroll around alien planets armed to the teeth, blasting everything in sight.... Read more

Marvel Vs. Capcom 3: Fate Of Two Worlds

When it comes to the fighting genre, Capcom reigns supreme. ... Read more

Test Drive Unlimited 2

Describing Test Drive Unlimited 2 to someone who hasn’t played it is a challenge. ... Read more


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