John & Brittany

John & Brittany
Stories To Be Told is a title suggested by Little Steven Van Zandt (E-Street Band), who featured the EP's first single "St. Valentine" on Sirius XM's Little Steven's Underground Garage as the "Coolest Song in the World"! 
John & Brittany's boy/girl dynamic captures the sweetness and tension of predecessors like Lindsey Buckingham/Stevie Nicks combined with the punk ferocity of The Kills. They have shared a stage with the likes of The Smithereens, Everclear, Gin Blossoms, and Matthew Sweet!
They're set to release their new EP Stories To Be Told on October 7th!
Food you would never eat?
John: Probably chocolate covered insects of any kind. 
Brittany: Or spiders. 
One thing you have never done?
Brittany: I don't cry. I have no tear ducts. 
John: Sky diving.. or dumpster diving. I'd be into trying both. 
Animal feature you would like to have?
John: Easy. Kangaroo pouch. 
Brittany: Elephant ears. All the better to hear you with, Darling!
Best excuse for being late?
John: "I had to pick up Brittany." 
Brittany: I have amnesia.
Have you ever slept in a car?
Brittany: Yes!
John: Who am I? Jewel?
I really want:
John: "I Do Not Want What I Haven't Got" on vinyl. 
Brittany: Mick Jagger
Do you wish on shooting stars?
Brittany: Every night.
John: No, but I make 11:11 wishes on the daily. 
Best money I ever spent was on:
Brittany: Alejandro Escovedo albums.
John: I Stub-Hubbed pit tickets to see Neil Young with Patti Smith opening for Brittany's birthday two years ago, and it was a pretty religious experience. 
Little Steven has given you a lot of airplay. How did that opportunity come about?
John: Some friends of ours, The Jellybricks, were also getting played on his Sirius XM station, Little Steven's Underground Garage. Their label head, Mark Hershberger, helped us get our last album heard by Little Steven initially, and for this EP, Steven actually heard the advance mixes and came up with the title "Stories To Be Told" for us. 
Brittany: Thank God for Mark, Little Steven, and Dennis Mortensen, who is the producer at The Underground Garage. 
You have performed with a lot of 90s alternative bands. Is that where you feel most comfortable with your music?
Brittany: Ehh, not necessarily.
John: I don't think our music is particularly 90s sounding.. If anything I think our influences go way further back to 70s punk and new wave. That said, 90s music is something I love a lot, and it just so happens that a lot of times when bands from that era are out on the road these days they tend to tour alone and need opening acts. We have certainly played with a lot of them.. Everclear, Gin Blossoms, Stroke 9, and Matthew Sweet, to name a few. 
Interview by Kara Johnson