San Francisco-based, Belarusian-born alt rock group, KiWi TIME, have just released their much anticipated new EP, “It’s...KiWi TIME.” The EP features five standout tracks of dance-infused alt rock that showcase the band’s knack for melody, and above all, their closely knit bond with one another. “The band is like my family,” says KiWi TIME vocalist Anna Makovchik, “the band actually is my family.” Anna describes the new EP “It’s KiWi TIME” as being “about love, freedom, fighting and hope. We are happy to finally finish this EP and hope all our fans will feel the energy we put into this creation.”

Something that scared you as a child?

Anna: I had a dream as a child that I saw a goblin. Definitely scared me!
Yoga: Getting bad grades in school.

Last time you mailed something?

Anna: A month ago I mailed a box of presents to Belarus.
Vlad: I have a small shipping business, so I use the Postal Service more often than a restroom.

Have you ever used the term YOLO?

Vlad: I like this one: "I'm gonna go smoke poison ivy and see if my lungs get a rash. yolo!”

______ is a fashion icon

Yoga: My love, Kate Moss!
Anna: Michael Jackson

Someone you would like to switch places with for a day?

Mikalai: I wanna be Anthony Kiedis for one night and play with RHCP at Rock in Rio.
Yoga: John Lennon & jam with the Beatles.

Have you ever tried to get on a reality show?

All: No, not yet. We have an idea to make our own since we have drama almost every night.

Do you have a bucket list?

No not really. Just to play as many shows as possible and spread our music!

Strangest place you have slept?

Anna: I hang out a lot at this artist living collective called The Convent. Nuns lived there some time ago and the energy from them is still there.
Yoga: I've slept on a railway under a bridge.
Vlad: I used to live at the store where I worked. it was kinda strange.

Where does the "KiWi" in your name come from?

When Yoga came to SF, we started practicing like crazy, and at the same time we were thinking about a band name. One night we were eating kiwis and came up with "kiwi time". For us it means more than just eating fruit. It is a lifestyle of being fresh, positive and cool.

Has relocating from Eastern Europe made getting your music heard easier or more difficult?

In some ways it's both. It's difficult because we need to learn how to express ourselves in a different language and learn a new culture. But at the same time our souls speak their own language. No matter where we all came from; if the music and the message are there, people will feel it.

Interview by Kara Johnson