Printz Board

Printz Board

Musician Printz Board has worked with a countless number of musicians including The Black Eyed Peas, CeeLo Green, Selena Gomez, Fergie, and John Legend, and since 2013 he's launched a successful solo career. His latest release is the music video for "Rock N Roll" featuring The Boardmemberz, SketchShe, and Ryan Cabrera. Check it out below and be sure to read our previous Quickie 10 interview with Printz as well!

What was the last food you ate?

Breakfast Sandwich: Fried egg, chicken sausage, avocado, on gluten free bread... :)

Favorite Prince song?

"Starfish and Coffee"

Strangest thing you're afraid of?

Little birds

As a kid, I dreamed of being _______.

A musician, and a scientist

Favorite place to travel?

New Zealand

Best piece of advice you've ever been given?

Stay focused, and it will come.

Last film you saw?


What was the worst date you've been on?

A date with a girl that hated drinking alcoholic beverages.

What inspired your new video for "Rock N Roll?"

The fact that contemporary culture has it that your phone knows more about you than you do! Hahaha...

What has been the biggest surprise since venturing out as a solo artist?

Most surprising thing has been the inability for people to accept that I'm a solo artist...until they see the show. :)

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