Seiichi Daimo

Seiichi Daimo

Thanks for the great questions! I like to end interviews with a couple phrases of mine. "make this life your art" and "shine bright"!

We talk with singer/songwriter Saiichi Daimo about a bunch of things, only one of which is his new album 'In the Inbetween" in stores February 25...

Do you remember to turn off the lights when leaving a room?

I like to think that I do and that I'm a responsible human being, but I have really bad A.D.D. so I do forget sometimes.

4 words to describe your personality:

Positive. Thoughtful. Smart. Ass.

Something you cannot bring yourself to try?

I'm pretty open minded to food from other cultures but, I was watching something on TV the other day and some place in Colorado serves Rocky Mountain Oysters (Bull testicles). No interest.

Have you ever grown vegetables?

I have not. I never really had the urge. May be a hobby to look into.

Something that is nostalgic for you?

Hmm... I grew up in San Diego so anything that reminds me of there. The sun setting into the ocean, the burrito shops, or just not freezing my butt off in the winter.

What should people see if they visit Japan?

I would say a big city like Tokyo or Osaka, the ancient Buddhist Temples are humongous and just crazy to see these wooden structures that are that old still standing, and something naturally beautiful like Mt Fuji or rural Japan. But the best part about traveling in Japan is the food!

Why did you choose to name your EP "In The Inbetween"?

I had the concept and the name "In The Inbetween" before I wrote any songs for the EP. I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck. Between where I was and where I wanted to be in my life. "In The Inbetween" is about being in a state of transition. As I began writing songs for the EP I realized the concept was widely relatable and the concept took on a larger meaning. We are all going thru some transition in our lives. Time is always changing and moving forward. It became a concept for the cycle of life in general.

Have you ever been to a Sky Zone?

I just had to google it so unfortunately I have not had the life changing experience that going to a Sky Zone seems to be.

Has it been difficult getting your unique style of music into the right ears?

In the past it was. I had been playing but people where I was weren't ready for it. I actually moved my focus to working on other creative ventures while still writing but just for my own enjoyment. I feel like I have a valid reason to play my music and my approach to music is something people will get something out of. Now I feel like getting my music to the right people is possible. There are some great ways to reach people thru the internet. The world is getting smaller.

What brought you to Japan to shoot your video?

I was on a pilgrimage. The video was shot at my fathers home town, a little village with a population of 40 people on a small volcanic island at the southern most point of Japan. I always identified as Japanese but being only half Japanese and American born and raised I really had no verification of that. I had never visited Japan or even met any of my family on my fathers side. Finally things lined up and I was able to visit and meet them. I was surprised how comfortable I was out there. It was life changing. It solidified my personal identity, while showing me how different but also how connected we all are as human beings all around the world.

Interview by Kara Johnson