Abandoned (BLU-RAY)


On Blu-Ray: 
Tuesday, August 24, 2010
Running Time: 
93 minutes

Mary Walsh (played by Brittany Murphy) delivers boyfriend Kevin (played by Dean Cain) to a hospital for routine outpatient surgery. But when Mary returns to take him home, he's mysteriously vanished. An administrator can find no record of him, and a police search turns up nothing. Increasingly frantic, Mary's taken to staff psychiatrist Dr. Bensley (played by Peter Bogdanovich), who pronounces her unstable. Now she must not only find her missing boyfriend, but prove her own sanity as well. When a stranger informs her he knows Kevin's whereabouts and demands a $10 billion ransom, she has one hour to comply and her boyfriend's life hangs in the balance. Forced to embezzle the money from the bank where she works, Mary soon discovers the shocking truth behind the disappearance. Now time is running out and she must take matters into her own hands to save herself.

For a mystery film, or is it a drama or maybe suspense or all of the above? Not sure cause I didn’t get much of a mystery or drama from it. At first I was a little bored with the beginning of Abandoned and was just waiting for something to happen. Though I know it’s supposed to be having the viewer feel like confused and lost but it didn’t quite do it. The unknown factor that’s supposed to be in this film is not there enough to make the film a fun suspenseful film. It’s ok, mainly because it just made me want to know what was going on. Though I wasn’t wanting to know because I was trying to figure it out, or there was some sort of conspiracy plot that made me wonder, the only reason I wanted to know was so I could be done with the film. The easiest way for me to explain this movie is skipping to the end to find out the answers but never going back to watch the middle and being ok with doing it.

With low budget movies the acting seems to be low budget, even from actors that can do some acting. Some of the lines that were being said in the film felt as if the actors had gotten tired of saying them or just didn’t feel lik eputting any effort into it. Both actors, Dean Cain and Brittany Murphy are decent actors and I’ve seen some work they have done that had a better performance than in Abandoned.  Even Mimi Rogers gives just a mediocre performance. Actually, none of the actors, main or extras, gave a performance that stood out. Though I would have to say if I were to pick anyone that did the most believable character it would have been Brittany Murphy. She did give off that panicky vibe when it was needed and that is what sold me on the film. Then again she has played this character before so she should know how to do that, I need help cause everyone’s out to get me, role.

With this movie being a Blu-Ray disc the first thing I noticed was the quality of the film. It’s not bad, pretty good in fact, but it’s also not the typical movie lighting you would see in a big budget film. Instead, what this movie gives in the Blu-Ray version is one that shows a bright, though clear, picture that looks like it could have been done with a high quality home camera. Still, though, as I said the picture quality is clear, and it looked good. Though some of the cinematography is not the greatest. I wasn’t caring much for some of the close up shots that the movie has on some of the characters and then some shots are just a little too far off. There’s also a few cuts that shouldn’t really be in there but not too bad where it disrupts the flow. Some of the sound in this could have been done a little better as well. A few scenes had the dialog with an echo to it. Some of the makeup used on Brittany Murphy was a little too much and I couldn’t help think that her eyebrows looked as if they had makeup in them or were dyed. Then her hair was looking oily for the majority of the film, why don’t know but it did.

Well, overall, Abandoned was just good enough to watch only because it made me watch it. That is, if I hadn’t wanted to see the end so I knew it was over and had an answer, made me watch theory. Also, a downside was that there were no special features. There could have at least been a commentary track by the director or a few of the actors. Instead there’s nothing, no commentary, no photos, no behind the scenes, just nothing but the movie. 

Lee Roberts
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