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Tuesday, February 2, 2010
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1 Hour, 27 Minutes
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Commentary, Alternate Ending, Deleted & Alternate Scenes, Creating Adam, Fox Movie Channel Presents Life After Film School With Rose Byrne, Trailers

Adam is intelligent, loves space, works hard, just lost his father, and has Asperger’s Syndrome. Beth dreams of writing a children’s novel, works at a school, is trying to be supportive to her Dad who is going on trial, and has been hurt in relationships in the past. They meet each other shortly after Beth moves into the same building as Adam. She sees a sweet, smart, attractive man that is different from others she has dated in the past. Over time their relationship grows slowly providing Beth with a chance to heal and Adam with a chance to expand his life style.

This is a very off-beat romantic drama that doesn’t end as many people probably would want it to. Hugh Dancy was wonderful as Adam. The story itself though felt a little odd at times and not because this was a different take on the typical romantic movie. Adam just reaches out and tugs at your heart, you feel for him as he faces difficulties from work and being overwhelmed with crowded places. He steals every scene. When it comes to Beth at times it just felt like she was trying to take advantage of Adam in order to heal from past relationships. But when their relationship starts to have problems just like any relationship does she begins to flake. It could just be me but there it felt like the story had a hard time being able to make the relationship seem like it was based off of love and understanding and not Beth seeking out an easy mark even if it was subconsciously. Luckily though that feeling only crept in from time to time, the rest of the movie was a unique, twist on a romantic movie and one that was pleasant to watch.

I will note that “Adam” may not give the most accurate depiction on Asperger’s Syndrome; but it does bring attention to it and perhaps give people a slight better understanding. It may even have people searching out more information on the subject.

Review by Pandora
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