Adison Evans: Hero


(Adison Evans)
Release Date: 
Friday, February 5, 2016
Did You Know?

She made her debut in the pop world playing in the 2013 Superbowl with Beyonce. Upon graduating from the Juilliard School, Adison embarked on a two and a half year adventure thus far playing and touring with Beyoncé in the "Mrs Carter Show World Tour" followed by Beyonce and JayZ in the history making "On The Run" Tour. Adison can be heard on the album that crashed iTunes, "Beyoncé" and seen in many of her music videos including "Countdown", the HBO Beyonce specials, and Beyonce dvds.

     Right off the bat Adison Evans' latest offering "Hero" immerses its listener in a toe tapping, all heart construction of Jazz music that will simply blow your mind.
     The humorously titled, Dropbear Boogaloo, feels heavy with New York Jazz inspiration that instantly reminds you of the busy streets, the crowded sidewalks, and the cities ability to offer up any type of melody depending on where you point your ear. Without a doubt its a strong opener.
     Little Tulip is another Adison Evans original. It drops the tempo back from Boogaloo and eases the listener into a very atmospheric tune that sets a blue mood that is fantastic to lose yourself in.
     Among the album, with Adisons' 8 original compositions, include 4 cover/standards from Fredrick Loewe, Steve Wilson, Stevie Wonder, and Beyonce.
     Not being all too familiar with Beyonce I quickly turned to Youtube to sample the song Blue, more notably a tune from the film Dreamgirls (which ashamedly I own but have never watched). Needless to say, Beyonce is one tough act to follow. Not being familiar with her work doesn't mean I'm not all too familiar with her voice. Evans does a fantastic job of making the track her own with a steamy voiced interpretation that, if you'd never heard Beyonce's version, you'd likely believe this was an original.
     All together Hero is one of those Jazz albums that I think, even if your not the biggest Jazz fan (or not one at all) it would make an excellent jumping off point. It's moody, exciting, and boasts some familiarity Pop fans will likely be drawn in by. Very much worth checking out. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
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