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Tuesday, June 10, 2014
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132 minutes

While the world was at war for the second time, Germany had tasked an SS officer to help study hygeiene. Chemist Kurt Gerstein (played by Ulrich Tukur) develops a way to combat typhus but what he discovers is that his methods are being used to kill Jews in gas chambers at Nazi Death Camps. Struggling with the horrors that he witnesses while doing his work, Kurt Gerstein takes it upon himself to find help in the Vatican. His hopes are to get the help of the church and the Pope to stop the murders of millions of Jews but what he discovers is that the church and many others turn a blind eye to the horrors that are happening. With only a young priest to help him, Kurt risks everything to bring the truth out even when no one wants to believe or help him.

The acting is done very well in this movie by all actors involved. Considering how difficult the topic of the movie is the range of emotions that have to be portrayed in the characters is impressive. Actor Ulrich Tukur does a good job at making his character go from being a happy scientist trying to help his country and people into when he realizes the truth about the death camps. Though the plot of the movie itself is very emotional and will cause some controversy but it's the performance given by the cast that really drives home how sad and horrifying this movie is.

Amen. is a sad movie that tells about a time in history that will always be surrounded with controversy. Where the story mainly follows Kurt Gerstein getting the help of a Jesuit priest named Riccardo Fontana (played by Matthieu Kassovitz), it also tells how Pope Pius XII knew about the horrors being committed by the Nazis. This movie is a very emotional movie, one that had me with a sad feeling while watching it. While at first I thought this movie was going to be in German it's not, it's all English, which I liked because I could follow along easily. It also kept me captivated with the story from the very opening until the credits rolled. Which the opening sets the whole mood of the movie as we see the use of the gas on Jews that had no idea what was happening.It's a tough movie to watch because of the content but it's one that I think tries to show the truth of what happened rather than just showing a movie. Even though the movie is sober and don't actually have any war scenes and it don't show any gore or deaths, it has a strong steady pace. I was never bored while watching because the movie keeps me involved with what's going to happen with the characters. It's a very disturbing movie to watch but it was one that is made quite well. Some so the scenes are very disturbing in knowing that those acts actually happened and that's what I think the movie tries to get across, how horrifying these acts where.

Not only is the movie good, a good plot, a emotional story, and strong acting, but the way the movie looks is also stunning. The colors on this movie make it feel and look like it really is set during WWII. Though the colors are bright and clear, they do not try to make them bright. It's a sober movie with a bit flat and I noticed that some of the reds wasn't that red at all. Though everything is made up for as the detail of this movie is really sharp and crisp. These details can be seen in all the close-ups they have of the actors, where the wrinkles are clear and in detail. Best aspect of the movie is the sound quality, which is clear and level. Being a movie that is dialog driven, I was albe to clearly hear everything that was being said.

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