Andy Z: The Grand Scream of Things

The Grand Scream Of Things

(Andy Z)
Release Date: 
Tuesday, July 17, 2012

In my week I usually review a handful of children’s albums that feature artists singing in all sorts of styles and contain lessons that usually run the same theme throughout. When I popped in Andy Z’s The Grand Scream Of Things I figured I was in for more of the same. I was pleasantly surprised to find not only songs but a story as well.

The CD is a spoken word album that contains a story about a boy and his dog who are given a prophetic mission, the boy anyway, which embarks them on a journey to reunite a witch with her lost wand on Halloween. What makes the story interesting is that it takes place in a world where the boys dog can talk, he’s best friends with an alien and everyone likes to sing songs in all sorts of styles.

One of the key elements in kids music is the lesson of diversity and The Grand Scream of Things has plenty to offer by way of very different individuals who like several different types of music. There’s a interplanetary romance story, an acceptance from all when it comes to the characters differences and so much more. What was interesting to me most of all is that the main character is a minority who celebrates their heritage in a way that most forms of children’s entertainment tend to miss out on. While Dora and Diego celebrate their heritage per se it’s really a matter of their surroundings. Here the main character understands who they are without putting to much stock into it. They just are what they are and are allowed to do it freely in an open world environment. While it’s too late for my kids to be interested in a project like this one I do envy parents who have the opportunity to offer their children this option.

All in all the album is a cool little corner of the children’s music world. It cool because it takes place around Halloween, which is right around the corner, and its runtime is pretty long, a good CD to pop on at a small children’s party to get them in the spirit of the holiday without getting them scared but keeping them engaged. I enjoyed the album and think your little ones will as well. As always final judgment is yours. Enjoy.

AJ Garcia
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