Ben 10 Omniverse: Duel of the Duplicates

Ben 10 Omniverse: Duel of the Duplicates

Running Time: 
115 minutes

BEN 10:
Once again Ben has to get into form so that he can stop the evil Albedo from becoming an ultimate villain. Being stuck as the evil twin of Ben, no one can recognize that it's Albedo going around posing as Ben in his hunt for the ultimate power. Only wanting to get back into his normal form as a Galvan, Albedo must do the unthinkable, steal the mind of Azmuth and taking over all of the galaxy. It will take the combined efforts of Rook, Max, and Ben to possible stop Albedo from achieving his goals.

Here are a few more episodes of the cartoon Ben 10 Omniverse, 5 to be exact, 3 that are of the Albedo plotline and then 2 bonus episodes. It's got the same format the show has always had, Ben gets in trouble and his only way to get out of that trouble is to use his Omnimatrix to change into the different aliens. In this case there is the evil twin of him, Albedo, that is trying to get the ultimate power and use the brain of Azmuth to be able to take over the galaxy. Both Ben and Albedo are able to use a Omnimatrix to change into the different aliens and get into battles with each other. That's pretty much the whole of the episodes as well as the show, lots of different aliens (kind of different) fighting each other.

The artwork on this show is good but the plots are just the same thing, Ben changes into an alien to fight his current enemy. In this case it's someone that starts off as his “evil twin” that's trying to get the ultimate power so he can take over the galaxy. Guess what, he actually does get the power and he is stronger than Ben and should be able to beat him. But being that this is a kids show they can't be having the villain win every time. So even though Albedo is stronger and should win, which he does give Ben a hard time and beats him up some, he still loses in the end.

Not much really happens that's different for this show. If you've seen one Ben 10 episode then you've pretty much have seen them all. It doesn't matter that the villains are different, they still have the same style of plot where they can turn into an alien to fight Ben and while at first it seems like he's going to get beat, Ben and his friends win out in the end. The show is interesting for one, two episodes at most, but after that it just felt like I was watching the same thing again. Especially when they have the villain Albedo changing into the same form of some gorilla spider alien that was, I'm assuming, super strong, more so than Ben is. Yet he still wins, the gorilla spider gets beat, and the end of the episode Ben and his friends save the day and the galaxy. What was good about this DVD, which might also make it bad, is that there are only a total of 5 episodes on it. Any more and I would have become extremely bored with it but with the few I at least made it to the end with a slim thread of interest. The other down side to there only being 5 episodes is that for the people that really like the show, they will want more on the DVD to watch.

Lee Roberts
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