Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: The Return of Heatblast

Ben 10 has become the world famous fighter that protects the universe from evil aliens but the fame has come at a price. Becoming famous has made it hard for some of his friends to be around him and it has painted a target on him for all the aliens in the universe. However Ben has someone from his past come back into his life causing him and the team to be caught by a evil alien plant.

This DVD features episodes 21-30 of the cartoon Ben 10 Ultimate Alien titled The Return of Heatblast, though it’s really the first half of season 2 of the show. Has anything changed for Ben since the ending of season 1? No, not really. Each episode has a different alien/menace that is trying to cause some sort of trouble and it takes Ben and his friends Gwen and Kevin to stop them. Ben will use his Ultimatrix watch to give himself the powers and looks of some of the most powerful aliens in the universe to fight the villains.
This cartoon is all over the place and yet it don’t give any real format as to what’s going on. There’s no story flow that I saw in the episodes. Each one is a story in itself where it’s not picking up a long flowing story and not starting one either. The only actual ongoing story that it has would be the characters of Ben, Gwen, and Kevin and the aliens that Ben turns into. If I choose to skip to the last episode first and then watch the third, eighth, second, and so on, I wouldn’t have to worry about getting confused as to what’s going on because nothing would be going on other than Ben turning into an alien to fight an alien.

Nothing is being changed up in this show that I found to be interesting and having each episode almost the same just made me bored with it pretty quickly. I can see how kids would like it because of the aliens, the ships, and the fighting, but with the use of the same aliens most of the time and having the same plot of bad guy has plan, Ben finds out about it, they fight, Ben almost looses, Gwen and Kevin help out, and then Ben wins in the end, Ben 10 Ultimate Alien The Return of Heatblast was a show that I could have watched in 3 episodes and been done with it.

Lee Roberts
Review by Lee Roberts
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