Bodyface: Bias


Release Date: 
Friday, December 10, 2010

Bodyface is bringing rock back.  Or so their website and press releases tell me.  I wasn’t aware rock had gone anywhere, but if people feel rock has been missing, then perhaps bringing it back is what Bodyface is doing.  No matter what the current disposition of rock happens to be, there is no doubt that Bias, their debut album, decidedly belongs in that category.

The songs contained on the disc are very reminiscent of 90s rock music, and if I had to pick a band to say that they sound like I’d probably go with The Foo Fighters.  The tracks are full of power, a bit of anger and darkness, and memorable hooks.  Immediately I was tapping my fingers to the beats, and after just a couple times playing through them, I found myself singing along to the choruses.

There is some quality here, and when I mentioned anger and darkness before it is very apparent in songs like “Kill Her”.  And if I had to pick a favorite track I’d have to go with “I’m Losing You” but then I’m a sucker for angsty heartbreak power ballads.  Though, “I Suck” is probably the one I’ve played the most with it’s refrain of “You rock and I suck” it’s just so easy to sing along.

If there is a down side to Bodyface’s Bias, it is that in a number of the songs I was straining to understand the lyrics that are muddled by and sometimes buried beneath the music.  That being the only flaw, I’m adding Bodyface to my watch list, and am eager to hear what they do next.

Review by Jason Pace
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